About Us

African Skin care

Keshanti was created to encourage a simple, clean and authentic skin care routine, especially for people who do not want to have alot of chemically manufactured ingredients going into their body. Our products and diligently and carefully crafted with this same belief in mind.

Our Journey

The journey began when I would visit Ghana quite frequently for work and everytime I travelled back I would carry Shea Butter with me for sale, and started off by selling to friends and family, I kept seeing people frequently coming  back to ask for more of the product. It’s from this experience that Keshanti was an idea that was birthed in 2018. The name was inspired by having a product that is sourced in Ghana and my country of origin being Kenya. Ke- represents Kenya and Shanti- is inspired from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana.

I have always been a lover of maintaining simple and clean skin care routines. From the day I began using Shea Butter on my skin, I have never felt the need to apply anything else on my body. In fact I always ensure I always have enough stock to keep me going.Our products are preservative free, and therefore making them very safe for your skin.

Our Values


Genuinely caring about what we do and offering it with distinction is a non-negotiable for us.


Beauty is about who you are, not what you look like.


Pronouncing the ingredients that we put in our bodies is hugely important to us. Less is more, no need to complicate it.


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